Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Images of India - 77

A glimpse of heritage monument of India in black and white. Check other posts that will give you more details about this monument.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pushkarini, Hulikere

Hulikere is just 5 kms from the Halebid. This place is not as popular as other ancient archaeological sites of Belur and Halebid. This place one can see beautiful Pushkarini (sacred pool). 

This pool is constructed below the ground level. There are stone stairs from top to the bottom on all the four sides. At the mid height level there are 12 sanctums with pinnacles. Apart from this there are also 15 sanctums without pinnacles at the same level. 

The 12 sanctums most probably represented the twelve Zodiac constellations. The total number of sanctums may be standing for the 27 constellations. As this pool is filled with 75% water during the rainy season, its full architectural beauty is visible only during the summer season.

The base of the sanctum has two layer of beautiful carvings of elephants, horses, humans in war scenes. There is also a layer of beautiful motifs.